Ciência na Rua 2010 - Videomorphose's "Colisão Visual"

"Colisão Visual" was the name of our 22m performance, focusing on the theme "Ways of Seeing".
For this first ever presentation, I invited to join the project Bruno Coelho (vj Artvib) and the Atomic Tour Project (pmg-keyboards, groovernador-laptop, juliogil-bass, vocals).

I really wanted to do this show with live music, taking advantage of the intimate atmosphere of this unique place. We played together for one week in Lisboa and threw ourselves to the adventure.

In the end, as I expected, the sound design worked perfectly in the space and with the mood of the images and it's presentation rhythm.

We worked with two mac powerbooks, 3 dvd's, 2 V-4 mixing tables and 12-input video matrix with 4x6.500L and 4x2.500L beamers being projected inside the 250 sqm convents cloister.

I designed the layout initially to have the 4 big projectors at the center, mounted on a truss structure, and the 4 smallers beamers to work as light design on the corridors.

But the night before we decided to just throw the smaller ones against the buildings and use them as a stereoscopic background. It worked just fine, I guess.

We are currently gathering data to edit a movie of the whole show, using the multi-cameras footage.
Of course many details need to be sharpened, but we are happy with the result.

Video-mapping is the next level, but next time we definitely need to have the whole material tuned up two or three days before, so that we have the time to do the whole mapping works.

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