Kinky Saturdays @ Gossip (ex-Queens)

A last-minute invitation to perform this saturday at Gossip, a new disco that used to be the known Queens.
Several friends involved in the project futurecast good music, good taste and a good mailing-list.
Aren't these the 3 main factors for success?


New MAN Diesel Support Centre Opening party

Another corporate event.
The official opening of the new MAN Diesel Technical Support pavillion in Setúbal, near Lisboa, aimed to repair the giant diesel engines from cargo ships.
Mood videos using technical PDFs from diesel engines. Another event together with DJ Mary B.


Some photos from the Winter On The Rocks last saturday. More than 3.000 people attended the best 80's Rock music party, that lasted until 6am.


Next Parties coming up :-)

For years I always wanted to do some video projection on this awsome place. For two or three times I almost did it, and suddently the events changed place. And now, two events come up in a 15 days period. Cool...

Winter on the Rocks

the best of the 70s and 80s Rock
Pavilhão de Exposições de Agronomia
Sat. November 14th, 2009
23h30 - 06h00

Álvaro Electricista

Visuals by Videomorphose

1st Anniversary Portugal2Night
- We the People -
Pavilhão de Exposições de Agronomia
Sat. December
12th, 2009
22h30 - 06h00

SUPAFLY INC. (live act)


Visuals by Videomorphose

...e assim termina a minha colaboração!

Caros amigos e amigas

Como sabem, tenho estado envolvido na decoração, promoção e dinamização do novo espaço "Flying House Lisboa" desde há cerca de 5 meses.

Foi há pouco mais de um mês que finalmente a "Casa Voadora" levantou vôo, e desde então as festas têm-se sucedido, atraindo cada vez mais gente e recolhendo cada mais adeptos de um espaço que é, realmente, diferente no contexto lisboeta.

Sabendo que o projecto já está em (boa) marcha, e que daqui para a frente será apenas uma questão de continuar o esforço até agora feito, venho comunicar a todos que deixei a equipa de organização, passando todos os assuntos a ser tratados directamente com o Bruno Vaz e com o Pedro Burguete.

Para além dos novos projectos que irei fazer, continuarei sempre ligado ao espaço enquanto VJ, sendo que as festas mensais de lua-cheia "Flying to the Moon" contarão sempre com a minha participação, assim como outros eventos pontuais a anunciar.

Queria agradecer a todos o entusiasmo que têm demonstrado nas minhas iniciativas e também aos vários artistas amigos que já intervieram no espaço com a sua criatividade.

Festas de aniversário, estadias para amigos estrangeiros no Hostel, jantares e afins, a Flying House tem! Continuem a aparecer e a promover o espaço. Intervenham. Chamem amigos e apresentem ideias.

Um grande abraço/bjo
Luis Cardoso


Respect your VJ


Also known as visualist, projectionist, live mix video artist...not your videographer, not your filmmaker, we are perfomers mixing our video artworks LIVE to the music all around, with our fingers on our gear, and our eyes on the crowd, projections, and screens......our performances unfold as the evening unfolds....


So you want to work with a VJ?
Curators, promoters, musicians, artistic collaborators, producers, curious minds ---- here are a few simple things to keep in mind to keep that special VJ happy.....it all comes down to




VJs are perfomers, just like a DJ, a band, a singer, a dancer etc. They make the show happen. GIVE CREDIT!

Before event:

* Include your VJ on all email listings, flyers, websites, RSS feeds etc as you would any other artist in your event. Do not skimp on this credit---VJs are working your event, and doing lots of prep work in advance and deserve these props.

* Book your VJ before you get everything out to the press. If its too late, a second blast of emails etc with your VJ listed is helpful.

* Don't know where to put your VJ on a flyer? List them with your DJs, or where a DJ may go.

* Ask your VJ how they want to be listed. Depending on the gig, some VJs prefer alternate titles instead of “VJ”.

* If you are a band, make sure to let everyone know you've got a VJ on your side! Consider them a fellow band member!
* Notify any press of VJ presence at the event so they can photograph and cover accordingly.

* This shouldn't even be here, but introduce artists to each other! Let them know they are all working together to make the night/show happen. Sometimes artists don't even know they are working with live visuals. The more everyone knows the better and this could lead to amazing collaborations.

* Ask for bios, samples, stills, websites etc if compiling artist/show information.

During event:

* Show some love! Give your VJ the option to play onstage. This will help your audience realize they aren’t experiencing pre-recorded visual artwork.

* Don't be shy to give a shout out your VJ! Treat your VJ as you would your DJ---your VJ will often mix video live the whole nite.

* Provide drinks, comps, etc.
* If this applies, provide backstage/stamps etc for full access for your VJ, You don't want them getting stuck with lame security issues in the middle of your event!
* If any press, make sure they are aware your VJ is a part of YOUR event, not separate tech crew as is often misunderstood. This will allow their work, and your event, to get that extra special documentation.

After the event:

* Pay your VJ day of event, if not in advance.

* Include/mention your VJ in any documentation of the event, for example, on your website! Don't forget, a VJ at an event is something to celebrate, you know that cuz you asked them to do the gig. Pass the word around, you know those visuals looked amazing.

* Be clear and up front about your collaboration. If this is a paying or non-paying gig, make sure everyone knows. Don't be surprised if your VJ asks you up front, even if they are your friend.

* Be clear about how long you are asking your VJ to play-whether it is one set with a band, visuals for all bands, visuals for a whole party, or half the party, for the runway show, or in between sets.... Make sure you are both on the same page! This will make payment easier to figure out.

* Depending on your event, proper pay for a VJ can go anywhere from 150 € to 5.000 € per event. Of course, this depends on what kind of work you will be asking your VJ to do. Take a look at the first note in Tech Specs. Be prepared to discuss.

* For low and no budgets-- treat a VJ like any other performer--- a few bucks, a couple drinks/tickets, guest comps, a ride home..... etc, are ways to keep your VJ happy. This often applies to musicians and bands working with a VJ, treat them like one of your band.



* There are huge differences between a "plug-and-play" gig, a full video installation, and a specialized content gig.

* A plug and play is when your VJ plugs their gear into an existing video system, often the case in a club, or gallery.
* A full video installation requires your VJ to install video projectors, screens, scrim, inflatables etc, then set up their equipment to mix. This is often the case at outdoor events, warehouse parties, converted spaces etc.
* A specialized content gig requires your VJ to make specific visuals for your event, as is often the case in a corporate gig, or personal event like a wedding or birthday. Lots of gigs are combinations of the above. Make sure to clear these differences up with your VJ in advance and be clear on what you are asking of them. They will be able to give you the proper timeline and cost for what you are asking them to do.
* Again, whether the gig is a plug and play, or needs installation or equipment rentals etc, go over this with your VJ beforehand. Think of it this way, you wouldn't ask a band to come play before making sure they know there is no sound system at the venue....

* Discuss who will provide and install screens, cables, projectors, fabric etc. Don't worry about all the technical details, your VJ will guide you. Talk over the entire scope of your idea with your VJ to see if there are issues that need to be addressed before the day of the event.

* Lighting influences projections.

* Have your lighting designer and VJ work out an environmental scheme that allows for their work to support each other.
* Keep in mind that the presence of smoke, lights on the screens, equipment blocking the view, daylight etc can destroy a VJ performance and should be addressed in advance.
* If it calls for one, arrange a site visit together to discuss all design needs before event. It may be helpful to invite the lighting designer and technician/engineer to this visit as well.

Other notes:

* VJs need a safe place for their gear, keep in mind that they will most likely need a sturdy table/surface where they can see at least one of their projections from.

* VJs need power, an outlet, a generator if it is outside.
The point is, talk with your VJ and the visuals will follow!


VJs: Get your shit together. Respect is a two-way street. Only expect it if you can properly prepare for and deliver quality performances. Know your collaborators and their work, know your venue, test your gear in advance. Ask questions, figure it out, fess up if you mess up. Most of all, love your craft: create amazing visuals & the respect will follow.
Thank you for reading this and supporting the art of VJs!



Videomorphose na Dance Club

Dance Club Magazine started this month (finally) writing some articles about VJing and portuguese VJs.
I had the privilege to be the first invited. Hopefully many more will follow, as much has been done and many have a lot to say about it...

FLYING TO THE MOON - 2nd voyage

Flying House Lisboa will welcome next Nov. 6th (friday) the second monthly full-moon party "Flying to the Moon".

Entrances are made only by Guest-list through Facebook.

Please search for the Group "Flying House * Lisboa" and ask to join.

Listen to Zen Baboon
Listen to DJ Ppito
Listen to DJ Bflying


Fassade Projection with Mapping and Warping, by Telenoika

Created by Telenoika, this performance is a tour de force of established projection mapping techniques and styles: Virtual lighting, 3D augmentation and distortion, edge highlighting and surface painting.

Mixed with lovely sound design, they’ve also added some nice new touches: The “light bulb generation” at 4:12 is lovely, as is the subsequent thunderstorm and electrocution of the building.

What this piece really does is establish a narrative. We’ve got our basic projection mapping building blocks now. Clever people will think of new, cool stuff to do, but while that’s going on, it’s time to start using these techniques to really tell some stories. Not just about things happening to the building or space, but inside it.

Another exciting development is that the “warping and video player software” was developed in OpenFrameworks [on CDMo] by Eloi, and he will be sharing it soon. In the meantime, you can check out some of his other development on the Playmodes Blog.

Check out the whole 20m performance

Telenoika Audiovisual Mapping @ Ingravid Festival, Figueres 9/2009 [FULL] from Telenoika on Vimeo.


A must-go happening in Cáceres (SP)

The kind of event I really like: giant projections and a unique event that moves a whole village. Cáceres is a beautiful spanish UNESCO heritage location near the portuguese border.

And they just did what I tried to do in Lisbon 5 years ago with no success (what is a vj and what are giant projections for??, I heard!).

"Escenógrafos, artistas de video, pintores, video disjokeys, diseñadores, actores, músicos, Djs, animadores gráficos, iluminadores, arquitectos y programadores explorarán nuevas formas de comunicación entre obra y público. Video instalaciones,happenings, proyecciones a gran escala, pantallas, diseños LED y la iluminación de edificaciones emblemáticas desde el paseo de Cánovas hasta el corazon del Casco Antiguo transformarán Cáceres en un espectacular laboratorio multimedia...

More info here


FLYING TO THE MOON - 1st voyage

Flying House Lisboa will welcome next Oct. 2nd (friday) the first monthly full-moon party "Flying to the Moon".

Entrances are made only by Guest-list through Facebook.
Search the Group "Flying House * Lisboa"

Listen to Zen Baboon
Listen to DJ Ppito
Listen to DJ Bflying

Private Party in Viseu

Private in the garden of "Barroca Alta" with DJ Pedro Teixeira, my cousin :-)



A very good example of what happens when digital content is made especially for a specific place. 5 stars

555 KUBIK | facade projection | from urbanscreen on Vimeo.


Videomorphose - 2 gigs in 2 nights

It's a small village 30km from Lisboa.
There will be two very different gigs in a single week-end.
Penedo welcomes you!



Maria, 3, was eager to see the video beamers working in the new place.
So the three of us decided to offer her an exclusive screening of Caillou (she knows every speech of the video), as PP layed down some very soft and cool sound.
Suddently, under deep dj beat, Ruca's image began filling with stripes and coloured circles...


Arraial Chill :-)

Last saturday Filipe Nabais welcomed DJ Bruno (photo) and I to go do some video and chill-out music.

We were invited to have dinner at their small arraial corner near Praça da Alegria. It was fuckin'hot, the city was silent and you just cold smell the grilled sardines...

It was perfect for a cold beer. The sardines salad was just great. Thanks Filipe, Joana and Mariana :-)

Summer On the Rocks party

With an incredible 34ºC at night, the Summer On the Rocks party packed the Cidadela fortress in Cascais with more than 5.000 people.

The disco welcomed 4Connection, a new project with four old-time DJs that are now re-mixing 80's hits with house rhythm.
An explosive mixture and what a great sound! Then came Álvaro "Electricista", who pumped the night until 4h, that's when the police arrived and closed the party. Everybody was so excited, the party could have continued until 8, but hey...
Met a lot old friends and sang all the old musics like crazy!


Flying House - a new space in Lisbon

It began several years ago with a private club near the airport of Lisbon. It was a 600m2 basement of a building and it only opened its doors few times each year for big, memorable, private parties.

In the meantime the whole building got empty and we found ourselves with a 600m2 disco + 800m2 empty garage + 800m2 x 3 stores + fabulous terrace with overview to the landing lane of the airport and the Tejo river.
So we simply got to work and slowly began transforming one floor into a private hostel for friends, foreign musicians and surfers that want to have a short stay in Lisbon (opens soon!), a small mercadillo and a big chill-out room for small performances.
The disco is ready to pump as any major event comes along and now we are starting to focus on the terrace. So, our aim is to open a special place in Lisbon, aimed at artists, musicians and urban-art dwellers, providing a unique playground for experimentation and knowledge exchange.

Newer posts will follow, stay tuned!
Soon we will launch a simple website with all the basic info.

PS - We are trying to put up an open-door day somewhere in July, just for friends and potentially interested people in the concept, willing to participate with their art and knowledge to make this a unique place...
Send an e-mail to info@videomorphose.com if you wish to collaborate.

PS2 - These photos were taken during a tryout of the projection beamers location and space layout