Obscura Digital is at it again- wrapping the world's architectural modernist icons in unbelievable feats of moving imagery.
Last October Obscura produced the exterior and interior projections for YouTube’s first Biennial awards, using Derivative's TouchDesigner software to seamlessly wrap Frank Lloyd Wright's 1959 Guggenheim Museum in NYC and a some days later the Sydney Operahouse
Alva Noto (Carsten Nicolai) at Ars Electronica 2010. Visual developed with Wuestenarchitekten (Markus Heckmann). The software uses audio inputs and delivers several forms of visualization. Each one of them can be zoomed in order to fill the entire screen. I prefer this kind of generative but colorful graphics rather than the noisy-analytic minimal stuff Alva Noto (and other Raster Norton artists) has been doing for the last two years.

Alva Noto - unitxt/univrs (Derivative Version) from Greg Hermanovic on Vimeo.


Os Fiéis Birthday Party @ LX Factory

Last saturday another 9h gig at the giant XL room at LX Factory. Last minute invitation, sponsor loops being downloaded at 4am, the usual stuff.

Some cool electro music though. Mighty Fools, Yuksek, Uffie live performance (wtf, i didn't even know her but the place was packed and crazy singing along :-), Xinobi and Mad.Mac (good vibes), Brain Damage and 2Much4U.


Samsung 3D outdoor projection

On Thursday the 20th of May 2010, Samsung was the first to introduce a large-scale commercial 3D-Outdoor projection in the Netherlands, at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam.
Between 22.30 and 00.30 on the evenings of the 20th, 21st and 22nd of May, the public was able to view the addition of a new dimension to this historic building. On the adjacent square, visitors are able to try out the new Samsung 3D LED TVs, and are offered a chance to win one of their own every night. Foursquare and YouTube will be used as a part of the integrated campaign.


3KTA presents Syndyn - Artistic Sports Game

Syndyn is a collaborative project from 3KTA - André Rangel and Anne-Kathrine Siegel.

This new Syndyn project joins sports and arts, using light, programming and video to present a unique sports experience. Developed with Max and Fantastick for the iPod.

While pacticing a vigorous physical activity, the players control all audiovisual events that occur in the space/time of the game. They perform a live show and simultaneously produce a database of light drawn images.

The space where the event takes place is colored with light which is controlled by players movements. Their rackets and arms are decorated with electro luminescent wire and the shuttlecock (speeder) with a bright LED, providing vivid dynamic scenic effects.

In the beginning of each game, users choose on an iPod ™ touch device a soundscape associated with visuals and colors for the ambience lighting system. Syndyn rackets are equipped with sensors that detect each hit of the speeder. A radio transmitter system broadcasts the sensors data to the central processing unit (computer). The hits on the rackets are accompanied by synchronous real-time synthesized sounds, by an instant change in the ambience light color according to the previous players choices and by real time generated visuals.

In addition to this real-time audiovisual response, players can also take a visual memory of their game. A long exposure photographic camera covers the playing area. This camera registers the traces that represent the trajectories and movements of the lighting speeder, the lighting racquets and the lighting arms. The resulting drawings of light, can be automatically printed with photographic quality paper and offer to players. These images are automatically stored in a database that feeds a web photo gallery.

Literally the possibility of Lightdrawing with this game, gives Syndyn its original and innovative character: being simultaneously an artistic, sports, and entertainment event that merges aesthetics, physical activity, technology and entertainment.