Blu strikes again... in Berlin

I just love the work of these guys. Everytime they come up, they present us with something bigger and funnier. After the amazing MUTO video they did in Argentina, their work exploded all over.
After all, empty walls to paint can be found everywhere. This time they went to
Berlin. Take a time to watch all of their videos at youtube...

LeCollagiste presents the 1000 Replay project

The idea of cloning 1000 replays of the same scene always brings as a result an impressive video. After his first testing videos, the french vj LeColagiste now presents a second approach to the videogame "Trackmania".

snow projection

Some guys in Australia set up a cool demo of a projection in snowballs, using mask and video mapping effects to grab the round forms.


Robert Hodgin's interview

A must-read interview with Processing guru Robert Hodgin, from Flight404 and the Barbarian Group. A very interesting approach on his professional path throughout Processing and it's interaction with other design tools and concepts.


Construction 76, by Lia

Lia is an austrian visual artist exploring generative art since the early 90s.

Vienna was a hotbed of experimentation. A large group of artists pushed the boundaries of abstraction in visual art as well as music, often experimenting with code-based tools. It should be noted that the term “generative art” was not in use at the time. Nevertheless, the work produced at the time clearly articulated generative and procedural approaches to sound and image synthesis, prefiguring the current interest in such work. (read full article).

Here's a recent posted video :-)

Construction 76 from Lia on Vimeo.


Marta Hugon presents...

"Crash into me", the latest videoclip from jazz-singer Marta Hugon, a dear friend of mine.
Not the usual visual stuff I normally post, but the music is worth while and I really like the blurry cleanness of the video...


Great visuals by Flat-e!

My Secret Heart is a new music and film installation written by electronic composer and Warp artist Mira Calix, video artists Flat-e and sound designer Dave Sheppard.

They are working with around 80-100 Streetwise performers from across the UK to create a unique work that will be shown around the world.

The new piece is inspired by the Allegri’s 17th-century choral work Miserere Mei, a piece so protected by the Vatican that they put an embargo on it. Mira Calix and Flat-e have used the theme of secrecy to explore movements and singing with Streetwise’s participants to create this new century-leaping work.

The installation will be premiered at the Royal Festival Hall (Clore Ballroom) on 3rd December and tour to galleries and festivals across the world through 2009.


Relentless, spectacular!

The two Processing wizards Robert Hodgin (Flight404) and Andrew Bell (Drawline) have posted this great video using Processing. It's about a new audio visualizer for the Relentless Energy Drink, available only in the UK...

Relentless, The REV from flight404 on Vimeo.


Johnnie Walker @ Twin's Porto

Last friday took place the Johnnie Walker party at Twin's, in Porto.

After a very cool concert from the spanish jazzy bigband No Reply, Jurgen (Jazzanova), together with MC Clara Hill, took control of the DJ booth in a very beatdriven and whisky-filled pleasant night.

Some shots from the visuals prepared for the 50' plasmas inside the MUPI stands...


Water projection @ Dior Homme Sport party

Videomorphose did the visuals at the launch party for the new Christian Dior Homme Sport perfume.

Full of VIPs and beautiful people, the balcony of the Portugal Pavillion had a great view to the water installation prepared especially for the event by Desafio Global.

Together with the Dior brand and Jude Law's official perfumes' ad, I had the chance to prepare and show other stuff I wanted to try out on this great projection support.
With a water continuous spray of 22m wide and almost 10m high, the 15.000L rear-projector showed a great contrast with vivid colors and black background.

The groovy lounge sound was also great, with friend DJ M_Dusa on the booth.


Giant projection @ SSIEM Annual Symposium

Sept 3, Lisboa welcomed more than 1.500 people from all over the world in a 3 day Symposium for the Society for the Study of Inborn Errors of Metabolism.

On the second night the organisation offered a typical portugusese dinner in the gardens of the Electricity Museum, in front of the Tejo river. I prepared for the event some animated illustrations of portuguese icons, among other footage. Together with DJ Mary B and sax player Ottis, two giant projections were setup...

Photos from Praia dos Caneiros (Ferragudo/Lagoa)


Escaping the outer world @ Boom Festival

...The usual 4 day journey into free spirit of mind and the most forward thinking transglobal cultural event ever!

Although with much fewer visual impact than the last years (video installations, VJing), this year's edition got bigger and better. I must confess I liked the old Sacred Fire stage better because of its more rustic approach and position (one could see it from the garden area), although this year's design was awsome (yet more professional, with truss support and professional lighting).

Finally, on one side the chill area got smaller and poorer than last edition and on the other side Boom gained a new incredible stage (Groovy Beach), in which I heard and danced my brains out to the sound of the most incredible funky music!


Beach Party @ Praia dos Caneiros (Ferragudo/Lagoa)

Photos from Azure Festival

Another travel to that wonderful island. Praia da Vitória, Terceira, Açores.

This year the weather spoiled the main events. An incredible shower droped friday afternoon and collapsed the structure of the main stage.

Nevertheless, people didn't go away and we had to improvise the electronic performances in a secondary tent.
Everybody helped and we managed to set up the sound and image hardware in a rush.

As always, we have been very welcomed and it was nice to meet some local friends.

At the pictures, DJ Nuno Forte and Dresh+Psytoon.


"Making Of" Lisboa Video-graffiti bombing

Almost two years after this undercover action in one hot summer night in Lisboa, and because I needed urgent disc space, I decided to quickly edit the "making of" that I undertook together with Michael Parenti and Todd Thille from Artificialeyes.tv. More info about this here and here.


Artificialeyes.tv 3L (thrill) finally out!

After two years of continuous development and testing, the istambul based VJ collective (and friends!) finally present to the world the state-of-the-art realtime generative 3D Vj software 3L.
Developed by VJs to VJs and visual artists, 3L is a new landmark in realtime video manipulation, allowing full control to performances via sound analysis, video analysis, time based sequencing and lfo's or midicontrol.

More info here


Another Blu (amazing) project

Using stopmotion animation and tons of patience and skill, the visual artist Blu presents us with an astonishing 8m video of his wall-painting illustration.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.


Pani and Casamagica - wow!

I had already heard about Pani giant projectors, but I really never had the chance to glimpse the work of Friedrich Forster and Sabine Weisseinger.
These two artists have been developing Architectural projection throughout the world with the support of this technology. And what an amazing work!

They began early 95 with the Reichstag project in Berlin (together with the Christo installation, I believe), and with the continuous support from Pani, they undertook major visual dreams - the Koeln cathedral, the pyramids in Egypt and more recently the future headquarter of European Central bank in Frankfurt, among many others.

Really unique artwork, carefully studied and design for each place.
More info here and here


Edirol presents the new V-8

V-4 has been the VJs best friend. I speak for myself, as it was my first hardware investment about 5 years ago. And it paid itself many many times with all the gigs I did. It never failed on me, it droped several times and never got cranked.

Now Roland comes up with V-8! A few new effects, more input channels (why VGA, man?), but still no audio input for total synch (I'm recalling the transformed V-4 mixing table from Addictive TV).

After a long wait, nothing really new came up. BNC inputs are ok, and so are the A/B faders (buttons are out), but what about HD mixing? I need to try it out to see if the image really got a new quality kick. Does anybody know the price?


Bristol hosts videgraffiti

Joanie Lemerciaer (aka Crustea) was the invited artist to the annual Moving Images Project on the city's council house building during the last week before Christmas. It is a project that has began in 2006 and intends to continue.
Using Arkaos (I dont't like the sw, I confess), he mapped the building and enlightened it's different parts creating an impressive visual show.


Music Drop - a beautiful concept

The new MOMA "Elastic Mind" online exhibition is a must-see to all media artists. Not only is the usability interface very good, but the content is awsome. It presents more than 300 relevant projects in different areas such as Interface, Nano, Nature, Science, etc. The showcase explores the best of conceptual bridges between design and scientific research.

Among many others, one catched my eye: the Music Drop, by Noa Lerner to Design Reaktor Berlin. The concept, in my opinion, is brilliant: "one drop of music that contains one song that one person can use only one time".
Music and technology in it's best! Music as highlight of an ephemeral moment. One song that speaks for eternity...


VIP launch party in Belfast

Videomorphose was invited by a portuguese events company to do the live visuals for the exclusive launch party of the new MDC Corporation 200M investment in Belfast city centre - Victoria Square.

The VIP party took place under the giant dome with top british musicians, a lounge dj and two big projection surfaces (a white wall and a giant curtain.

This is a very important recognition of our work, as this was the biggest MDC investment in Ireland (with an impressive 800,000 sq ft construction area), and the lauch party to media, investors, VIPs and business partners was an obvious highlight.


Videomorphose does Beamvertising

Videomorphose was called by the guerrilla marketing agency Torke to coordinate the beamvertising action that took place last January, 9th. In one of the biggest rebranding actions seen in Portugal, the new image and logo of the mobile operator Optimus was beamed along the streets of Lisbon and Oporto using several vehicles.


Pika Pika - japanese LEDs Light Draw Pens

Light drawing is a very interesting new way of ephemeral art form and amusement. With very few resources everyone can do light drawing. The Pika Pika collective has some very good videos online in their website. People can also learn how to build light draw pens here.

Another interesting project is HEYA, a collaborative project hosted by Toyota where 500 young, creative people can work with the brand as well as with other members on innovative projects. “HEYA” means “room” in Japanese.Online they exchange conversations and ideas. These conversations and ideas then extend offline via personal or collaborative projects funded by Toyota, but developed and managed by HEYA members themselves. One simple question governs HEYA: “What can we do together?” This project is currently available only in the US.


Cabaret Electronique

Tuatara welcomed last saturday the first Cabaret Electronique party. It began with the upper warm-up Can Can floor, where DJs Who&Undercover welcomed the people with very good minimal/progressive house, followed by italian Dax, all mixed with H-Collective VJs images.

In the meantime the Lido main floor, where I performed, started beating hard with Stereo Addiction, followed by a groovy set by the Cocoon produced Patrick Zigon.

Finally, more than 400 people danced until early morning to Zoo Brazil's progressive sound. The mood was great, the image and marketing were very well made, everybody liked it and the sound was powerful. People, don't give up please :-)

As far as my visuals were concerned, I used two 4.500L beamers diagonally placed, with two v-form thulle strips hanging on the ceiling, a 2.000 beamer behind the DJ and two plasma screens on the side of the DJ booth.


ZON launch party

Yesterday night the former PT Multimedia presented it's new image after the spin off last year. In a day-long event they presented the new image, the new market strategy and the new organisation to the media and collaborators from all over the country.

After dinner, more than 700 people joined the party. DJ Rodrigo guided the night, balancing between soul house, funky brazilian and a little, just a little, commercial stuff.

BBC's 6th anniversary

Last friday BBC celebrated it's 6th anniversary with the usual top production.
The place was packed with (very) beautiful faces and more than 4.500 people dwelled around the two dance floors until early in the morning.



Just wanted to leave a very interesting link for a website about urban-projections, with lots of photos, videos and links to several video-graffiters around the globe.


Sydney City Hall promotes videograffiti

Yep, this new kind of art is definetly gaining ground to simple light design.
More and more news about videograffiti are coming from australia, where money seems to go where it matters.

For the second year, Sydney opened some of its landmark buildings to artistic intervention during Christmas time. I still haven't been able to locate the artists that developed the animations.

Check out some of the photos.

Steve Scott's graphics to Led Zeppelin concert

This guy really continues to surprise me. It's illustrative work is damn good, but this motion graphics are great and very well suited to the Kashmere song from the legendary Led Zeppelin.
A great return to the
London O2 Concert Arena that I would have loved to see.