Data Visualization - Lisbon Traffic

Lisbon's traffic condensed in one 24h video. This great data visualization was made by Pedro Cruz, who has some very interesting stuff on his website. The arteries are colored in a away capable to represent average traffic speeds (the greenish and cooler represents high traffic velocity, and the reddish and hotter, corresponds to sluggish traffic). There is a visual emphasis on areas where the traffic is predominantly slow.

Traffic in Lisbon – emphasis on sluggish areas from Pedro M Cruz on Vimeo.


D-Fuse videomapping in Jakarta

D-Fuse's video mapping projection on Jakarta History Museum's facade was the first of it's kind in Indonesia. Over 25 thousand people flooded Fatahillah Square to watch the event, which marked the launch of the British Council's Jakarta, Creative City! initiative.

D-Fuse collaborated with film maker Sakti Parantean, designer Adi Panuntun and photographer Feri Latief, in the spectacular makeover of the Old City’s most important heritage site.

The Video-Mapping projection traces the history of the area from ancient swamp, through colonial and revolutionary times, to imagining its future as Jakarta's new creative playground.
Great music and sound design by Static

Video Mapping - Jakarta from D-Fuse on Vimeo.


EA Games delivers cool street guerilla action

EA Games, in partnership with Beam-inc assaulted the Brussels streets to promote their new game “Battlefield Bad Company 2″.