Ciência na Rua 2010 - Victor Gama "In Extremis Sonus"

The 4th performance of the day was "In Extremis Sonus", by Victor Gama (w/videomorphose).
One more time, what a great privilege to perform with Victor Gama and his amazing instruments!

Focusing on the theme "to listen and to make hear", my videos were reacting live to his audio and being projected with 3 beamers to the 400 year old façade of the Convento das Maltezas.

Starting in a calm and minimal way, the 20m performance grew gently into a mix of colors and forms, all responding to sound spectrum analysis. I also used small video-mapping appointments on the 4 windows at the background

Victor's performance began on the left side with the Acrux, then in the middle stage the Toha and ended on the right side with the Dino. As he jumped from one instrument to the other, he added the instrument samples in order to end with a major rhythmic structure. The sounds are unique, when you have the chance please go and listen.
At the end of the shows Victor always lets people touch and try out the instruments.

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