Guimarães 2012 - "O Mistério das Coisas"

Videomapping is beginning to shake portuguese artists too.
Video of the
Guimarães 2012-European Culture Capital official presentation show.
Concept and production by Vitor Joaquim, music by L'Ego/Eurico Coelho, videomapping by Hugo Olim, João Aguiar and Marlene Santos, 3D animation by Eurico Coelho, Light Design by Edgar Alberto.

Visual Collision (trailer)

This is the trailer of a 20m performance Videomorphose produced for the "Ciência Viva". More photos and info about this event here.

We were invited by PIA (Projectos Intervenção Artística) to do a multimedia project focusing on Darwin's Evolution of the Species, especially focusing on the Sight. The two-day presentation took place inside the garden of a monastery in Estremoz, Portugal, early September. This is a trailer of the 20m performance that was played live by the Atomic Tour Project.

Commissioned by Centro Ciência Viva Estremoz / PIA
Production: Videomorphose
Video: Videomorphose & Artvib (using all kinds of VJ footage)
Original Music: The Atomic Tour Project (Pedro Gil-keyboards, João Oliveira-laptop, Julio Gil-bass, vocals)


Video-mapping at Nuite Blanche

1024 Architecture continue exploring new boundaries of video-mapping. This is a report of 3D Bridge, a massive video mapping installation in Paris, for the Nuite Blanche occasion.
Features live mapping tools, all projected from a single computer on 6 Christie's R20k beamers.

3D Bridge / Report #1


600 Anniversary in Prague

The Macula, czech motion agency, designed the 3D mapping projection on occasion of the 600th anniversary of the astrological tower clock situated at Old Town Square in center of Prague.
Production by Tomato and music by data-live.

The 600 Years

Ralph Lauren celebrates 10 years of innovation

In celebration of 10 years of digital innovation, RalphLauren.com presents the ultimate fusion of art, fashion & technology in a visual feast for the 5 senses. Watch as the London flagship at 1 New Bond Street disappears before your eyes and is then transformed into a series of objects and images rendered in 3-dimensional space. One of the best videomapping stuff i've seen.
Still finding out who did it...

The Official Ralph Lauren 4D Experience - London


Lisbon - Portuguese Republic Centennial

Praça do Comércio, downtown Lisboa, was used as a live canvas for a giant video-mapping projection on the ministry buildings by the occasion of the Portuguese Republic Centennial.

This project was produced by ADLC Audiovisuais and Iniziomedia (with some 3D mapping from
Omar Fernandes) with soundesign by Índigo. This was the first time in Lisbon that something this big was done, and hopefully many more will come..

What I don't understand is why I can't fin any official video with good quality on the web. Did they forget to record it?


Espaço ContraFacção - the opening

The opening party lasted for two days, with lots of performances and 20m concerts from different percussion groups. A great occasion to meet some friends from Porto, that came specifically to perform in this new creative warehouse. And what a great place. Here are some picks.