Centro Cultural O Século hosts today...

... the live set from Atomic Tour Project (Luis Cardoso-vídeo, Pedro Gil - Laptop/keyboards, João Oliveira - guitar).

A journey into original experimental dance electronic sounds with video collage. Recycled AV live act from our forbidden-to-show "Canção de Lisboa" film-concert.
The music is a development from the originals that we made for the film, and the visuals have nothing to do with it :-)

Rua do Século, 80 - 23h

Last parties of the year...

After several weeks trying to do something together with DJ João Maria and Mary B (Plano A), suddenly two events in a week. The first one took place in Lisbon's old central railway station (presently under reconstruction) and hosted more than 2.000 people.
It was the Christmas Party for the Deloitte Consulting Group and business partners and it was packed with young crazy people.
Mary B started with a great soulful chill-out music together with the voice from
MC Jeff and the warm sax of Heather (singing at the photo!) and the party ended at 5am with the disco grooves from João Maria.
For the first time I had the chance to try a brand new LED floor mosaic (see picture), with an incredible resolution especially with motion graphics. It works very well when the dance floor is empty though. With people dancing on it, nobody sees it :-)

The other one was also a Christmas Party for 150 "ativists", this time in a disco near Fatima. Kayene is by far one of the best discos I've worked on, with an incredible DJ booth with the best technical material you could ask for.
Few but good, that was the motto until 4am, when the last bus headed back to the hotel.
João Maria and Mary B rose up to the occasion once again...


With Fierce Angel @ Big Reunion Festival

Well, the two crazy-long weekend in the UK is finally over.

It's great to have had the chance to do VJing with the top london-based house label Fierce Angel team, namely DJs Mark Doyle, Martin Wright, Matt Collins, Therese, Bassmonkeys feat. Naomi Marsh, Hatty Lovehearts and Mike Van Loon.
The Skyliner stage welcomed the power of top quality house-music with a very good stage performance and lighting production. The visual part could have been much better (could someone please explain me the point of having two plasmas 4m high and two projection screens 16:9 vertically placed, obviously cutting the image???).
Nevertheless, the whole setup worked as a whole, and the people kept gathering more and more as time passed by until the end of the show, round 2h30.

More than 30.000 people gathered in Skegness for the two week-ends. And I left without even seeing the sea!
The concept of the festival is very good, as it brings to life a dorment summer resort, attracting young people from all over England for a crazy event that spreads along 6 different places/stages with different kinds of music.
This last weekend only, featured more than 70 artists and ended at 6 am with a massive performance by DJ AmberD.
Hopefully Fierce Angel gets a main stage next year and videomorphose another chance to PARTY....