Ciência Na Rua 2010 - the event

Science and Art meet together to create some of the great moments of earth's Evolution of the Species Theory.
Math, Physics, Chemistry, Geology and Biology vs Street Theatre, Music&Video, Circus, Performance and Fire.

An event organized by Évora University and other state entities and with the artistic coordination by PIA. Besides all performances, small tents spread allover with live experiments. They had a whole bunch of young scientists teaching kids, it was great!

Desperate Man opened the sequence of 7 performances in Estremoz, that ran from 5pm to 00h.
This humorous duo presented Darwin & Dodo in a very informal talk in the middle of the street.
Briefly, they introduced the whole Theory of Evolution in a very funny way, being Dodo the symbol of human ignorance. Children just loved them.

by Desperate Man

by Amalgama

by Zigrolling

Conquista dos Céus
by João Saraiva

In Extremis Sonus

by Victor Gama (w/videomorphose)
- see next post

Colisão Visual
by Videomorphose (w/artvib (video) + Atomic Tour Project (pmg-keyboards, groovernador-laptop, juliogil-bass, vocals)
- see next post

Humanum Fatum
by PIA-Projectos Intervenção Urbana

by Radar 360º

More than 80 artists got together and shared a common creative space for 3 days. It was great to know different people from the circus and performance areas, new ideas really popped up. Hopefully more stuff will come up :-)

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