I like a lot Vitor Joaquim music/video work. This is latest work - awsome! Don't quite know what software he uses, but i would guess processing. Love the fluid and hipnotic lines, very organic!

Vitor Joaquim & Maria Fandango


Dub Video Connection at Time Warp

The Portuguese Dub Video Connection did their grand debut at the Time Warp in Italy with Sven Vath last month. Stage design, video mapping, and visuals design had a huge impact. Next stop? Utrech, Holland in December.



Visuals for a private 18th birthday party

Last weekend I did the visuals for a girl's 18th birthday party, together with DJ Xumbinho. A dance tent was mounted on the exterior, so I decided to do some projections on the facades of all the surrounding buildings to get the party going into a colorful mood. Here goes some photos.
The event was produced by Euro-M.


An impressive and colorful show called "Kolobok", based on Russian folk tales, was shocased early October at the Gorky Park, at the Moscow International Festival "Circle of Light 2012".

SilaSveta Studio
Concept by: Denis Bashev, Alex Mamontov
Producers: Alexander Us, Alex Rozov
Art director: Alex Mamontov
Illustration by: Denis Bashev, Anna Eiserle
Animation: Alex Mamontov, Arthur Kondrashenkov, Mikhail Sedov, Alena Danilova
Music: Vasiliy Filatov
Interactive team: Nikita Mikharev, Vasiliy Filileev, Attacca digital
Technical director: Dima Napolnov


Urbanscreen set sails in Sydney Opera House

Some video mapping art seeks to change the perception of architecture itself, as if a building were made of hundreds of moving television screens. 
This video shows how design collective UrbanScreen, multi-award winning German design collective and whose projections I have already shown here several times, created optical illusions in the “sails” of the Sydney Opera House during the Vivid LIVE in June 2012. 
Motion graphics are projected onto the white surfaces, which dimple with movement like actual sails. The work explores both the iconic sculptural form of the Opera House but also its place as a home for music, dance and drama, resulting in a work that is both sophisticated and spectacular.


Moccaping - new videomapping buzzword?

In the Netherlands, 3D mapping company NuForme debuted what it calls “mocapping,” a combination of 3D video mapping projection and live motion capture technology. It projects animated light onto a rectangular building, effectively transforming the structure into a futuristic spaceship-like scene. What’s more, the character in the scene asked questions of and responded to spectators. Thus, each performance was different.


Mapping the Human Face

For the launch of its first 2 SIM card smartphone - Galaxy Y Duos - Samsung did something surprising: a mapped projection on an human face! This video uses exclusively the video mapping technique to build several characters on a human face. The images were projected directly over an actor, as in a canvas. This video mapping technique uses in this video the human face as its single object of work. By portuguese team Oskar & Gaspar, image and post-production by Droid I.D. 


Amstel Live! mapping

Cool videomapping opening for the De Vrienden van Amstel LIVE! 2012. Video mapping and illusion dance act by Timor Steffens and Tribe Company on behalf of Amstel Beer The Netherlands.


Guimarães Official Opening Ceremony

Official opening of "Guimarães-European Capital of Culture 2012" by the catalan amazing group Fura Dels Baus. The show included giant projections in the renewed city centre.


The portuguese artists Nuno Maya and Carole Purnelle, from O Cubo, presented the city of Porto with a large christmas projection on the occasion of the opening of the new Aquaverdi store, in Palácio das Cardosas.