ZON launch party

Yesterday night the former PT Multimedia presented it's new image after the spin off last year. In a day-long event they presented the new image, the new market strategy and the new organisation to the media and collaborators from all over the country.

After dinner, more than 700 people joined the party. DJ Rodrigo guided the night, balancing between soul house, funky brazilian and a little, just a little, commercial stuff.

BBC's 6th anniversary

Last friday BBC celebrated it's 6th anniversary with the usual top production.
The place was packed with (very) beautiful faces and more than 4.500 people dwelled around the two dance floors until early in the morning.



Just wanted to leave a very interesting link for a website about urban-projections, with lots of photos, videos and links to several video-graffiters around the globe.


Sydney City Hall promotes videograffiti

Yep, this new kind of art is definetly gaining ground to simple light design.
More and more news about videograffiti are coming from australia, where money seems to go where it matters.

For the second year, Sydney opened some of its landmark buildings to artistic intervention during Christmas time. I still haven't been able to locate the artists that developed the animations.

Check out some of the photos.

Steve Scott's graphics to Led Zeppelin concert

This guy really continues to surprise me. It's illustrative work is damn good, but this motion graphics are great and very well suited to the Kashmere song from the legendary Led Zeppelin.
A great return to the
London O2 Concert Arena that I would have loved to see.