Blu strikes again... in Berlin

I just love the work of these guys. Everytime they come up, they present us with something bigger and funnier. After the amazing MUTO video they did in Argentina, their work exploded all over.
After all, empty walls to paint can be found everywhere. This time they went to
Berlin. Take a time to watch all of their videos at youtube...

LeCollagiste presents the 1000 Replay project

The idea of cloning 1000 replays of the same scene always brings as a result an impressive video. After his first testing videos, the french vj LeColagiste now presents a second approach to the videogame "Trackmania".

snow projection

Some guys in Australia set up a cool demo of a projection in snowballs, using mask and video mapping effects to grab the round forms.


Robert Hodgin's interview

A must-read interview with Processing guru Robert Hodgin, from Flight404 and the Barbarian Group. A very interesting approach on his professional path throughout Processing and it's interaction with other design tools and concepts.