Construction 76, by Lia

Lia is an austrian visual artist exploring generative art since the early 90s.

Vienna was a hotbed of experimentation. A large group of artists pushed the boundaries of abstraction in visual art as well as music, often experimenting with code-based tools. It should be noted that the term “generative art” was not in use at the time. Nevertheless, the work produced at the time clearly articulated generative and procedural approaches to sound and image synthesis, prefiguring the current interest in such work. (read full article).

Here's a recent posted video :-)

Construction 76 from Lia on Vimeo.


Marta Hugon presents...

"Crash into me", the latest videoclip from jazz-singer Marta Hugon, a dear friend of mine.
Not the usual visual stuff I normally post, but the music is worth while and I really like the blurry cleanness of the video...


Great visuals by Flat-e!

My Secret Heart is a new music and film installation written by electronic composer and Warp artist Mira Calix, video artists Flat-e and sound designer Dave Sheppard.

They are working with around 80-100 Streetwise performers from across the UK to create a unique work that will be shown around the world.

The new piece is inspired by the Allegri’s 17th-century choral work Miserere Mei, a piece so protected by the Vatican that they put an embargo on it. Mira Calix and Flat-e have used the theme of secrecy to explore movements and singing with Streetwise’s participants to create this new century-leaping work.

The installation will be premiered at the Royal Festival Hall (Clore Ballroom) on 3rd December and tour to galleries and festivals across the world through 2009.


Relentless, spectacular!

The two Processing wizards Robert Hodgin (Flight404) and Andrew Bell (Drawline) have posted this great video using Processing. It's about a new audio visualizer for the Relentless Energy Drink, available only in the UK...

Relentless, The REV from flight404 on Vimeo.


Johnnie Walker @ Twin's Porto

Last friday took place the Johnnie Walker party at Twin's, in Porto.

After a very cool concert from the spanish jazzy bigband No Reply, Jurgen (Jazzanova), together with MC Clara Hill, took control of the DJ booth in a very beatdriven and whisky-filled pleasant night.

Some shots from the visuals prepared for the 50' plasmas inside the MUPI stands...