My tribute to Oskar Fischinger

To those who don't know his work, perheaps the animation of top early Walt Disney's classic movie "Fantasia" (1940) can reveal a bit of his genious work.

With very little published movies on the market, I first came across Fischinger's work on a website with excerts of old animated movies. I was dazzled with his ability to do motion graphics in perfect harmony with music. Isn't this what a VJ is all about? Yeah, but this guy did it in the eraly 40s. Crazy...

In the meantime, I found on the Modern Tate library a DVD edition with most of his career highlights, and it is brilliant. On the contrary to many other artists of that early movie years, Oskar Fischinger was largely admired by Hollywood stars and producers.

This video is a short and humble tribute to his work, with soundtrack by Daedelus.