...concert from Erik Truffaz 4tet yesterday at the Lux Jazz Sessions, where he presented the new album "Arkhangelsk". With Patrick Muller on piano/rhodes, Christophe Chambet on the bass and a very versatile Marc Erbetta on drums.


Video-graffiti from Australia

I just got to know Cindi Drennan as one important visual artist from Australia. In her website I found these beautiful photos from her participation in the 2006 edition of "Sculpture in the Vineyards" art meeting, where she presented her new work - Voice of Light created especially for St Michaels Catholic Church.

Cindi fuses projection, illustration and painting to enlighten - combining projected images with live light painting, she will transform and embellish the church. Imagery fuses illumination drawing on ancient medieval iconography, with contemporary theosophical nuances. St Michaels is situated in Wollombi, somewhere in the giant Australia...


Video installation in Sagres

Well, I couldn't just come back to Lisbon from my vacation is Sagres without taking out all the video gear and do something with it...

So, the last night, with a notorious shortage of money on my pocket, I decided to install a free video ambiance at the mainstream bar "Água Salgada".
The proposal was well received (of course!) and I just had guaranteed my vodkas mixed with natural apple juice for the rest of the night.

Took me about an hour to set up the thulle screens and the two beamers.
The plasma TV was to be shut off and the lighting reduced to the minimum.
I then put one of my pre-recorded DVD's with either warm colors or black/white contrast imagery, and so it went for as long as 3 hours. The so called auto-pilot enhancement.

The effect was really great, hopefully gave them some ideas to bring artistic video to the place (and not only surf videos on the plasma screen!) and the customers were happy. I got happily drunk that night :-)

Performing with D-Generation and Samanta Ray

On my way to Algarve, on vacation, I get this phone call from DJ China, a well known DJ southern Portugal, asking me if I was available to do a gig with his new project in Albufeira Town Square. "Hell yes, man, I sent you and Samanta an e-mail teasing you about this a few weeks ago!". Well, we met so that I could hear the new sounds coming up in the new CD and prepare some stuff.

A week after that I headed to Albufeira and had the chance to meet DJ Tom, who developed the project together with China, and some of their friends that came out that night to help out in the performance.
Tó Neto, one of the early portuguese electronic musicians, and his wife, as well as Samanta Ray, a beautiful australian singer/performer with a serious talent, that I met by chance one month before on myspace and to whom I sent the teasing e-mail...

The stage was mounted on the middle of the town square, the entrance was free, the place was almost packed and we had a great time.

Two nights before, by the way, DJ China invited me also to perform at Capitulo V,
in Praia da Oura, which reminded me the violence of 6h long clubbing during vacations time. My mind, I must confess, was somewhere else that night!

I really liked the new D-Generation Project tracks and I am sure it will be a success among music lovers. I must get the reference to post here...

Azure Festival - Super spot, great people

The 3 days we spent in Terceira, Azores, were awesome. The weather was ok, the place of the festival was great and the organization was really fantastic (Miguel, Paulo, Bruno e Rui). When we got there we met a local girlfriend who introduced us to the whole festival people. We were at home (thanks Natacha!).

We didn't take any beamers with us, so the empty projection surface at the chill out area was to stay that way until the end of the festival. And what a shame, as the spot was unique, the music great (20h/day?) and the only thing missing was a nice visual on the surrounding forest. Well, next time...

The main stage welcomed a couple of new local bands, from rock-covers to metal originals. We only performed when the DJs took place, normally around midnight. We had a 6x4 screen next to the stage and a 5.000L beamer. If we have the chance next year, this is definetely something to upgrade (beamers location, stage design and light vs video interaction).
Great concerts to remark: the voice of Starr Faithfull, the beautiful sound of Rosa Negra (mixing Fado with ethnic rhythms), the energy of Kussondulola, the good taste of Goma and the power of Tara Perdida.

As far as the DJs are concerned, I must point out the quality of all local DJs that hanged mainly in the Chill Out zone, especially DJ Psytoon, Lino and João Luis. The lisbon trio Elektrofighterz (Dj Alif, DJ Triboli and DJ Dresh) made a show-off during the days of the festival, also swinging between stages and always putting everyone's feet to dance. Jesus del Campo music was just like his appearance - it came and went very swiftly but with a remarkable presence...

Finally, let me point out the very good company of some Kussondulola musicians, the warm water of Azores, the beautiful women with great spirit and energy, the grilled "lapas" and all crew members from the Festival, especially Soraia.
We hope to be there again next year. We made a lot of new friends, the environment is unique and the festival is really set to grow...