Videomorphose does Beamvertising

Videomorphose was called by the guerrilla marketing agency Torke to coordinate the beamvertising action that took place last January, 9th. In one of the biggest rebranding actions seen in Portugal, the new image and logo of the mobile operator Optimus was beamed along the streets of Lisbon and Oporto using several vehicles.


Pika Pika - japanese LEDs Light Draw Pens

Light drawing is a very interesting new way of ephemeral art form and amusement. With very few resources everyone can do light drawing. The Pika Pika collective has some very good videos online in their website. People can also learn how to build light draw pens here.

Another interesting project is HEYA, a collaborative project hosted by Toyota where 500 young, creative people can work with the brand as well as with other members on innovative projects. “HEYA” means “room” in Japanese.Online they exchange conversations and ideas. These conversations and ideas then extend offline via personal or collaborative projects funded by Toyota, but developed and managed by HEYA members themselves. One simple question governs HEYA: “What can we do together?” This project is currently available only in the US.


Cabaret Electronique

Tuatara welcomed last saturday the first Cabaret Electronique party. It began with the upper warm-up Can Can floor, where DJs Who&Undercover welcomed the people with very good minimal/progressive house, followed by italian Dax, all mixed with H-Collective VJs images.

In the meantime the Lido main floor, where I performed, started beating hard with Stereo Addiction, followed by a groovy set by the Cocoon produced Patrick Zigon.

Finally, more than 400 people danced until early morning to Zoo Brazil's progressive sound. The mood was great, the image and marketing were very well made, everybody liked it and the sound was powerful. People, don't give up please :-)

As far as my visuals were concerned, I used two 4.500L beamers diagonally placed, with two v-form thulle strips hanging on the ceiling, a 2.000 beamer behind the DJ and two plasma screens on the side of the DJ booth.