*Spark lauunches a Crossfader between Laptops

Toby Spark, a well know VJ, just launched an interesting piece of hardware.
The *spark d-fuser lets you crossfade between laptops. Whether switching between presenters or pushing avant-garde pixels, hands-on control for mixing DVI, VGA and HDMI signals is now available in a compact and affordable package.

So, what's in the 750 pound box?

To make the *spark d-fuser, we take an award winning video processor, partner it with a custom controller designed to give you the hands on control and worry free setup you need, and work both these over with custom firmware.
The controller sits up where your sources are, allowing you to push the processor and video cables away from your working area. Wiring is simple – see the adjacent diagram. The video out can go direct to a single screen, or using devices such as the Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital Edition, you can drive multiple displays as if they were one.
Supplied as the *spark d-fuser package are
  • Controller
  • Controller Power Supply
  • Processor
  • Processor Power Supply
  • Controller-Processor cable