Spanish Video-graffiti + Sankai Juku

On my regular internet quest to discover interesting video-graffiti guerrilla actions, here's another one that took place late December 2006 by the two video-artists from Miga-Label, Nökeö and Decolora, at Alhambra in Granada. They use what seems two 4.500 L beamers placed on a friend's balcony right in front of the world-renown monument. The result is great...
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Here's another video, this time a piece of a japanese dance group Sankai Juku, that is really impressive due to make-up, lighting and body theatre expressionism. The name of Sankai Juku comes from the second generation of Butoh troupes in Japan. Butoh is a japanese contemporary performing art form that evolved during the 60's as an expression of human awareness.

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