Allgarve - the party!

Well, this was a perfect Allgarve working-weekend. I took my windsurf board with me and had the greatest windy afternoon for a long time.
At sunset I headed to the Fábrica da Cerveja in Faro and set my rig up. The place was beautifully decorated and all I can say is that it was a real pleasure working with the Desafio Global crew and Alfasom technicians.

My projections were being beamed to a giant wall with a 18.000 L Barco. More than enough, considering the distance. Behind us was a 4x3 LED wall with wacky effects.

I started beaming my visuals together with DJ António Alves , a young dj and producer from Porto, who brought his minimal beats to the most heterogeneous public you could imagine. A really good sound.

After Jacksen came the British duo Various, a live dj/vj act that was great both musically and visually, touching sounds like trip-hop, dubstep, pop and techno, but totally out of place for such an event. I mean, a perfect duo for a dance party, not for an institutional event.
And this point was strongly pointed out when Jan-Eric Kaiser came up to the table, now together with my visuals again, starting with Sadu Adu's "Smooth Operator". Curious to see a true Techno DJ starting his set with this tune, but hey, a great way to break the ice in front of so many ties...

The Architecture and Art Exhibition is really worth while seeing (curated by the Serralves Foundation) and this was a great way to start the "Allgarve" campaign.

Check out the VIDEO

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