Flying House - a new space in Lisbon

It began several years ago with a private club near the airport of Lisbon. It was a 600m2 basement of a building and it only opened its doors few times each year for big, memorable, private parties.

In the meantime the whole building got empty and we found ourselves with a 600m2 disco + 800m2 empty garage + 800m2 x 3 stores + fabulous terrace with overview to the landing lane of the airport and the Tejo river.
So we simply got to work and slowly began transforming one floor into a private hostel for friends, foreign musicians and surfers that want to have a short stay in Lisbon (opens soon!), a small mercadillo and a big chill-out room for small performances.
The disco is ready to pump as any major event comes along and now we are starting to focus on the terrace. So, our aim is to open a special place in Lisbon, aimed at artists, musicians and urban-art dwellers, providing a unique playground for experimentation and knowledge exchange.

Newer posts will follow, stay tuned!
Soon we will launch a simple website with all the basic info.

PS - We are trying to put up an open-door day somewhere in July, just for friends and potentially interested people in the concept, willing to participate with their art and knowledge to make this a unique place...
Send an e-mail to info@videomorphose.com if you wish to collaborate.

PS2 - These photos were taken during a tryout of the projection beamers location and space layout

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