Video installation in Sagres

Well, I couldn't just come back to Lisbon from my vacation is Sagres without taking out all the video gear and do something with it...

So, the last night, with a notorious shortage of money on my pocket, I decided to install a free video ambiance at the mainstream bar "Água Salgada".
The proposal was well received (of course!) and I just had guaranteed my vodkas mixed with natural apple juice for the rest of the night.

Took me about an hour to set up the thulle screens and the two beamers.
The plasma TV was to be shut off and the lighting reduced to the minimum.
I then put one of my pre-recorded DVD's with either warm colors or black/white contrast imagery, and so it went for as long as 3 hours. The so called auto-pilot enhancement.

The effect was really great, hopefully gave them some ideas to bring artistic video to the place (and not only surf videos on the plasma screen!) and the customers were happy. I got happily drunk that night :-)

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