Performing with D-Generation and Samanta Ray

On my way to Algarve, on vacation, I get this phone call from DJ China, a well known DJ southern Portugal, asking me if I was available to do a gig with his new project in Albufeira Town Square. "Hell yes, man, I sent you and Samanta an e-mail teasing you about this a few weeks ago!". Well, we met so that I could hear the new sounds coming up in the new CD and prepare some stuff.

A week after that I headed to Albufeira and had the chance to meet DJ Tom, who developed the project together with China, and some of their friends that came out that night to help out in the performance.
Tó Neto, one of the early portuguese electronic musicians, and his wife, as well as Samanta Ray, a beautiful australian singer/performer with a serious talent, that I met by chance one month before on myspace and to whom I sent the teasing e-mail...

The stage was mounted on the middle of the town square, the entrance was free, the place was almost packed and we had a great time.

Two nights before, by the way, DJ China invited me also to perform at Capitulo V,
in Praia da Oura, which reminded me the violence of 6h long clubbing during vacations time. My mind, I must confess, was somewhere else that night!

I really liked the new D-Generation Project tracks and I am sure it will be a success among music lovers. I must get the reference to post here...

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