Water Projection on Serralves Foundation

Next saturday and sunday, at 22h, there will be a unique presentation of the new project from the musician Victor Gama "Aquarium Materialis, Aquarium Spiritualis", in a co-produced artwork with world renown marimba percussionist Pedro Carneiro and Tiago Cerqueira on the laptop.

Videomorphose will be projecting on the surrounding water surface of a pound-lake with a 8m high placed 8.000 Lumen beamer. To transform the lake into a giant projection screen, we will
spread on the surface white thulle. Two more beamers will also be projecting over the tree bushes around the concert area for flying imaginary animals and fairytales.

Victor Gama will be playing a water harp, with five 50m steel strings from one end to the other of the lake and a 15,000 W sound equipment to enhance all sound details. I will be posting some photos real soon...

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