VJ Squad strikes Lisbon this Wednesday

VJ Squad is a meeting of lisbon's VJs just for the fun of it. More than showcasing, it will be a gathering of friends, a meeting to talk about work and new possible projects.

If you are around Bairro Alto, just drop by for a drink and to see some awsome visuals.

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Anonymous said...

hey hey luis,
it's not excactly the kind of comment you probably expect but since i couldnt find your email adress i had to do a comment....

I am a VJane and just moved to Lisbon for erasmus...
I would be really happy to maybe hang out with you or if you could tell me some places where there are Visuals or if there is a VJ meeting whatever going on.....

Thanks ahead!
you can check out the site of my collective www.neonrost.at
or just write me to elasome@gmx.at

best wishes, ela