BLU strikes back...in Lisbon

My favorite urban art artist BLU is right here in Lisbon.
Passing by Alameda Fontes Pereira de Mello, downtow, I noticed his traditional graphic fingerprint on one of three side-by-side empty buildings.
Who brought them, what are they up to? To be followed...

You can see some older posts of their work here and here.

More news update: it is a cooperative work between Blu (it), Os Gémeos (br) and Sam3 (es).
This is part of the CRONO project promoted by ACA-Azáfama Citadina Associação, which aims to bring to life old empty building in Lisboa. The CRONO project wants to establish a Urban Art Guide, inviting 4 times a year international artists to come and develop joint projects with portuguese artists.

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