8th Edition of Numero-Projecta Festival

We are once again clear to go to the next edition of Numero-Projecta-International Festival for Multimedia Arts, Cinema and Music.

Things are quite hectic at the moment, so the best thing to do is to visit the official website and/or myspace to keep informed about all the news. This year there will be only two (very strong!) days at Cinema S.Jorge, which we strongly suggest to all electronic music fans, VJs and DJs, clubbers, etc.

PROGRAM (AV Concerts only)

Wednesday, Nov 8th @ Centro Cultural O Século
23h00 Kemika Fields (live AV- PT)
23h45 Mista Jules (live - PT)
00h30 Plagia (live - PT)
01h00 Hedonic2 (DJ set - PT)

Friday, Nov 9th @ Cinema S.Jorge
21h00 Photonz (live AV - PT)
22h15 Rafael Toral (live AV - PT)
23h00 Cluster (live AV - DE)
00h15 Frank Bretschneider (live AV - DE)
01h00 No-domain (live AV - ES)

Saturday, Nov 10th @ Cinema S.Jorge
21h00 Atomic Tour Project (film-concert - PT) - ÚLTIMA HORA: CANCELADO!
22h15 Ikue Mori (film-concert "Maya Derren" - JP)
23h00 Oriol Rossell (live AV - ES)
00h15 D-Fuse (live AV - UK)
01h00 Sutekh (live AV - USA

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