Serralves welcomed 80.000 people

The Serralves Foundation achieved an international landmark in receiving 80 thousand people in its 40 h non-stop free entrance weekend.

More than 70 events took place, among which "Aquarium Materialis, Aquarium Spiritualis", a piece for lake harp, marimba, vibraphone, acrux, sounds of nature and video. Victor Gama stretched its 50m long strings from one end to the other of the lake achieving an unprecedent amplified sound, exploring the surface of the lake as an unique acoustic soundboard. During the daytime people could also touch the instrument and play on its strings. Pangeia also organised workshops for children on how to make instruments wit basic materials.

The piece, written in partnership with Pedro Carneiro, one of the world leading marimba players, was played twice a day, one time early in the afternoon and early at night, this time with video projection.
Tiago Cerqueira, sound technician and musician, completed the team with it's laptop sounds of nature and special efx modulations.

For the projection we mounted a 8.000 Lumen projector on a 8m high structure with brightness/contrast pushed to the limit.
Another beamer was placed at my side aimed at the three tops. Alltogether the projection surface on the water had some 50sqm and the same for the three tops.
We first thought of spreading a giant thulle over the water, but then we realised that the suspension mud on the lake water was enough to get an image, as long as the colors were pushed to the limit and very contrastful loops were used.
The result wasn't brilliant, but one could perfectly see the imagery on the lake surface from any surrounding standing point of the lake (these photos were taken from the top of the structure. Because of the lens angle, the tree tops projection is missing).

Negative remarks:
my Canon photo camera had a sudden "system failure" (» no photos)
the guy suposed to video the whole stuff didn'd get to go to Porto (» shity video footage)
the other guy supposed to audio tape the concert didn't appear and the audio mixing table didn't any spare outputs (» no decent audio recording).
the Joakim & his Ectoplasmic Band was baaaad

Positive Remarks:
our team was great company and we had some good laughs
the weather, the drinks and the girls staff
the festival ambience, with lots of artists and different activities
John Butcher concert
Panda Bear concert
New Circus (chinese mast) with João Santos
Lá e Cá - theatre/performance
the new porto bar - Plano B
Gigi Party at Triplex

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